Our mission is to train our students in methods that, if followed properly, will lead to years of sustainable and successful trading.

Richard Williams

Founder & Mentor - Simple FX

Meet your mentor

Professional Trader & Specialist Teacher

Simple FX was founded by Richard Williams, a professional Forex trader for over 12 years.  Throughout his career Richard’s success never went unnoticed and was soon inundated with requests from his family and close friends to teach them how to trade too.

Starting simply at first with only a few students Richard went through basic chart analysis and explained how the markets worked, and how they were influenced by global economics. 

He very quickly realised his passion for teaching and established Simple FX in 2016 so that he could share his knowledge and begin teaching larger groups. Fast forward to 2022, Simple FX now has an enthusiastic team of people and has delivered education programmes to thousands of students. We aim to continue growing and delivering seminars, workshops, mentoring, live trading sessions and our Apprenticeship Programme. 

The resources available to support the Apprentice Programme have been thoughtfully designed to help students get the most out of their learning experience and focus on 4 easy to follow, simple trading strategies that can be accessed online throughout their trading journey.